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Medieval Warrior Chainmail Coif Armor, 18.75 Inches


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Medieval Warrior Chainmail Coif Armor, 18.75 Inches


About this item

  • Battle Ready Chainmail: Get your favorite knight armor out and pair it up with our highly valued chainmail hood; plated with zinc, our coif is shiny, rust-resistant, and maintenance-free
  • Top-notch Quality: Known to be worn by elite Vikings in the Medieval times, the zinc-plated steel rings on this chainmail neck guard are linked together by metalsmiths using the 4-in-1 European interlocking technique
  • Improved Survivability: Protect your head, chest, and neck from knives, swords, and weapons during a fight with the butted patterned rings infused with 8 AWG carbon-infused steel alloy; strength and style comes in handy with this chainmail hat
  • Dimensions: This chainmail costume measures 18.75 inches in length with steel rings 10mm in diameter; Face opening: 9 Inches

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Weight 5 lbs
Dimensions 10 × 6 × 6 cm


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